PWN, Water company of North Holland

The motto of PWN is Pure Water and Nature which reflects the mission to provide pure

and healthy drinking water and valuable nature for the North Holland society. Based in

Velserbroek, PWN is a drinking water utility company with strong ties to customers,

partners, employees and stakeholders. The annual production of drinking water of 106

million cubic metres is supplied to more than 760,000 households, businesses and

institutions in the Province of North Holland. The publically owned company employs

over 600 people and treats surface water from Lake IJssel at the treatment plant at

Andijk, and artificially recharged groundwater from the coastal sand dune area at

treatment locations Bergen, Heemskerk and Wijk aan Zee. PWN uses and develops

state-of-the-art treatment technologies to face the challenges of emerging substances

and shares this knowledge with the international society through publications and


On behalf of the Province, PWN also manages 7300 hectares of nature conservation

area between Zandvoort and Bergen, also used as infiltration area. Nature conservation

ánd development is as natural to PWN as drinking water treatment. The Kennemer

Dunes and the North Holland Dune Reserve are protected as Natura 2000-area. The

areas are managed conform the Barometer Sustainable Area Management (Gold level).

The areas have an important educational and recreational function and are visited by

about 7 million people annually.




Ir. Marc Hamburg
06 468 473 56

Ing. Evert van den Akker
06 653 7795 81


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Ir. Marc Hamburg
06 468 473 56


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